9th August 2009 – THE SCOTSPURS SEVENS


On the day we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of our first ever game we took part in Scotspurs inaugural tournament, the Scotspurs Sevens at Meadowbank Stadium.

It was a seven team event meaning that all the teams would play each other once in a league format. At fifteen minutes a game it would mean 90 minutes of football.

Our good friends from Appin and Ormond Saints were also taking part and the tournament itself was played in a good spirit.

We managed to cobble together seven players for the event and went in with a squad of five over forties and a twelve year old, even by our standards this was unique !

For health reasons it was decided to put Mr C in goals to save any unnecessary running about, Arthur and Crossers played at the back with a four pronged midfield/attack in Craig, Stormy, Jah (on loan from Edinburgh City) and our mascot Ryan, hugging the right wing.

Everything worked well in the first game against Edinburgh Saints as we won 3-2 (although our opponents blamed their defeat on the lack of a keeper, and we won because ?) but that was to be the high point on the pitch for us.

Defeats followed against a young Ormond Saints team and Abler (a team of Edinburgh Poles) followed, before we fought out a 1-1 draw with the hosts Scotspurs in a wooden spoon battle.

Our last two games, against Appin and PSJ, were played after Abler had won the tournament so were less competitive than our previous games. We did manage to earn a penalty against Appin but Ryan's effort was saved by the keeper.

If there was a trophy for hitting the woodwork we would probably have won easily but we had to be content with 6th place after putting a lot of effort in and showing a tremendous spirit throughout the day. Good to see a Queen's team play with such enjoyment and lack of infighting.

The main event, of course, was in the pub and the presentation took place in Scotties Bar about half a mile from Meadowbank (I counted every step).

A good few drinks were had by all and we also met the WAGS in the pub who had selfishly decided to go shopping in Embra rather than watch us play football.

An enjoyable day out where we met some old friends and made some new ones and a big thanks to Scotspurs, especially Gav, Steve and Danny, for organising the tournament. Hopefully this will be a regular event on the circuit and a welcome addition.


Appin 0 Abler 1
Appin 2 FC Scotspurs 2
Appin 0 PSJ 0
Appin 1 Ormond Saints 0
Appin 4 Edinburgh Saints 1
Appin 4 Queens Park 1
Abler 2 FC Scotspurs 0
Abler 2 PSJ 1
Abler 5 Queens Park 0
Abler 4 Edinburgh Saints 3
Abler 4 Ormond Saints 1
Edinburgh Saints 4 FC Scotspurs 1
Edinburgh Saints 2 Queens Park 3
(Stormonth, Lumsden, McKenna)
Edinburgh Saints 3 Ormond Saints 0
Edinburgh Saints 0 PSJ 4
FC Scotspurs 0 PSJ 1
FC Scotspurs 1 Queens Park 1
FC Scotspurs 0 Ormond Saints 4
Ormond Saints 0 PSJ 2
Ormond Saints 3 Queens Park 0
PSJ 1 Queens Park 0


Abler 18pts
PSJ 13pts
Appin 11pts
Edinburgh Saints 6pts (13 goals)
Ormond Saints 6pts (8 goals)
Queens Park 4pts
FC Scotspurs 2pts

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