at the Duror and Kentallen Community Hall

Our annual visit to Duror saw a first, we had enough players !

Despite late call offs on the day we managed to get a squad of seven together and that included Crossers who had retired at the end of last season but was welcomed back with open arms.

Our squad for the day was:- John Crosbie, Barry Cook (c), Paul Joyce, Alan Main, Colin Shepherd, Darren O'Neill and Arthur McCue.

Duror sits between Oban and Fort William and is about two and a half hours from Glasgow. So it was a long journey which was helped along by the carry outs being opened as we went through Glencoe, you can tell we were taking this seriously ! Only Shep declined as he seemed a bit travel sick on the long journey !

It poured with rain all the way but Duror was dry when we got there and we discovered there were only six teams taking part this year.

The teams were split into two groups of three and we were up against the Old Mill (a team made up of a local and his pals from Sheffield) and Glencoe B.

 The rain had washed away the pitch markings and the grass must have grown quickly as it was pretty long (get the excuses in early !) as we faced the Old Mill first up.

Both Managers, Campbell (Mr) and Stormonth, were with the team and took the decision to let the team decide who was sub during the games, this was probably due to the bar being open !

In a pulsating end to end contest we drew 2-2 with Psycho Paul scoring
both our goals.

A five minute break and we were on against Glencoe B who included Nigel the unintelligible Geordie who played for Partick against us in August.

Glencoe were too good for us and we lost 2-0 with meant we were out of the competition within half an hour of it starting !

As said earlier, the bar was open and we retreated to the Hall for a lot of refreshments while the rain pounded down outside.

After a wee gap we discovered we were up against Duror for the Wooden Spoon and this was another great game with Duror edging it by 4-3. Young Al (2) and Barry got our goals.

It was such a good game that Mr C thought it was a draw and was trying to work out who would take the penalties (that fresh air can be deadly !).

Back to the Hall and a nightmare scenario for Barry and Young Al as there were no showers ! It's alarming how distraught young adults can get when things don't go there way but I suppose it will make them better people in the long run !

The presentations took place with Glencoe winning the trophy (maybe !) and we won an imaginary Wooden Spoon. We had better luck at the raffle as we won a few bottles of liquid but we were pipped by Glencoe for the team who bought the most drink. Definitely a bit of a fix here as we were well ahead up to the end, but that's what you get when you're not local !

Onto the Stewart Hotel for some more liquid and a singsong and we eventually got on the road about sevenish (apparently !) and back in Glasgow at ? o'clock after umpteen pit stops on the way back.

It was a long day but an enjoyable one and I can't remember a more drunken away trip for a long time (or was that just the management ?).

Thanks to Ally and Ian as ever for their invite and hospitality and it's just a pity more teams couldn't have turned up to make it a bigger tournament.


v Old Mill  2-2 -  Joyce 2
v Glencoe B  0-2
v Duror 3-4 - Main,Cook 2

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