The 17th CHAOS Cup took place on Saturday 20th May 2006 in Walthamstow and we had enough bodies to enter two teams.


Glasgow Airport
was the venue as an unprecedented thirteen of the squad assembled. The touring party was:- Mr C, Cookster, Crossers, Tyrone, The Bullitt, Algernon, Psycho, Cuckoo, Tate & Lyle, Playboy, Avid, Sicknote and the White Dion.

The old myth that you can't fly drunk was quickly dispelled as The QPSFC On Tour squad hit the Easyjet flight to London. Mr C and Crossers, in particular, seemed a bit worse for wear, but it was probably pre-flight nerves.

Once in London we boarded a bus to Stratford and Mr C outlined his football tactics for the next day.

Unfortunately only Dion could understand what was being said, as he is a fluent Albanian speaker, and it was left to Crossers, Mr C's self appointed Assistant, who had to translate for the assembled company.


We eventually arrived at the Birkbeck, resplendent in our new team polo shirts, about 9.30ish where there was an Orient and Bristol Rovers delegation waiting to meet us.

The bar is now run by Cathy and her man as Roy and Joan have retired and the bar was kept open until after midnight so we could get a good start to the weekend.

When chucking out time came Mr C and Crossers headed to Woody's whilst the rest of the squad headed to the Sleeping Beauty Motel (honest !).


Morning arrives and there is rain in the air.

Crossers decided against his idea for a barbecue and we all headed to the Douglas Eyre Sports Centre in Walthamstow for the footie.

Stormy was there to meet us at the Sports Centre along with wife Kathryn (nee Miss Boydell) and son Finn.

Our teams were:-
A - Cuckoo, Cookster, Tate & Lyle, Avid, Playboy, Tyrone & Psycho.
B - Crossers, Mr C, the White Dion, Sicknote, Stormy, Algernon and the Bullitt.

Unfortunately our games didn't go the way we planned and we never managed a win between us !

At least Avid, Psycho and Playboy did manage to score some goals for the A Team but the B Team failed to trouble the scorers and both teams ended up in the Wooden Spoon play off.

Both teams were meant to play each other but we were struggling for numbers by the end as Cookster had pulled a hamstring and Mr C claimed he was suffering from jet leg. They had also both retired to the bar after the second games to get out of the rain.

Due to the sheer brilliance of the B Team we managed to secure the Wooden Spoon which was a well deserved honour for the team.

After getting out of the rain and getting changed it was off to the Walthamstow Town Hall Social Club for the evening's entertainment.

Most of the team found their way there easily whilst four of the older members of the squad had a detour looking for a "chippy".

The presentations took place and we were awarded the Wooden Spoon then, to our surprise, Crossers was announced as the Player of the Tournament, an award which was voted on by the other teams that took part.

This was the second year in a row that someone in our team had won the award as Sumdger was the winner in 2004.

There was the usual Quiz, which we didn't do that well at, then a party which went on until after midnight.

Only Crossers and Mr C stayed to the end though as the rest felt the need for their beauty sleep, and boy do some of them need it.

As ever it was an excellent night with mainly older folk of Crossers’ vintage staying to the end.



Another good night's sleep then back to the Birkbeck for a session before everybody, bar Mr C, headed up the road and got back into Glasgow around teatime.

An outstanding weekend was had by all, apart from the football, and the amount of drink drunk over the weekend was frightening.

Everybody got on together and there was a tremendous spirit about the team which was great to see.

Thanks as ever to the Orient guys for their hospitality; to Tom and Woody for organising the tournament and to Woody for providing a bed for the two old codgers.







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