Our annual jaunt to London so only three of us make the journey, Crossers, Psycho and myself (Mr C).

Tour operator Crossers organised the train tickets and got us into the First Class accommodation which meant free food and drink all the way to London. Naturally we had our own carry out to supplement the free drink just in case Virgin ran out.

As ever we headed for the Birkbeck for to meet our Leyton hosts, or Cocka Knees as Crossers insisted on calling them, and there was a good Friday night turn out.

A good night was had by all then the three of us headed to Sean's B&B in Clapton but not before we had stopped at the Royal Sovereign pub which is run by Sean's sister and her husband and is just round the corner from his house. Very handy indeed, especially when the closing hours seem very flexible.

Of course the reason we were in London, allegedly, was to play football and we could hardly contain our excitement as we headed over to the Douglas Eyre Sports Centre in Walthamstow to play in the CHAOS Cup.

We had been drawn in a group containing Saffend (Southend), LOFT (Leyton Orient Football Trust) and Derby (The Rams) and this put us neither up nor doon as we had hired some of the East End's finest as we attempted to take the Wooden Spoon home to Scotland.

In goals we had Gareth from Wolverhampton who is a wunderful keeper, in defence we had Sean, a big girl's blouse, and Stripey, our reserve keeper, and in attack/midfield/defence the maverick Woody who was expected to get the goals.

Three games later, three heavy defeats, no goals scored (that I remember), we retired to the Copper Mill pub satisfied with our day's work.

It wasn't over, however, as we were dragged out of the pub to play Bristol Rovers in presumably the Plate although it could well have been an exhibition game judging by the manner in which the game was played. Rovers won 2-1 but we put in our best performance in a game which was played in the proper fashion.

Still it wasn't over as we were forced into an official Wooden Spoon game, against Torquay. Now this game should feature the two worst teams but Torquay had been unlucky in their group games and had only finished in last position because they couldn't score goals. No trouble against us though as they racked up five by half time with Gareth being in superb form ("sorry, lads, moy mistake") and declared at eight to allow us to win a trophy.

Back to a less than full Birkbeck, with even some of the London teams apparently having to rush home early (ie they never won anything), for the Quiz and presentations. We didn't do too badly in the Quiz finishing second or third behind somebody or other, Saffend were presented with the CHAOS Cup (well, outside the Copper Mill as they had a long journey home) and Shrewsbury won the Plate. Our reward for our efforts was the Wooden Spoon which will sit proudly in Crossers kitchen and he will always look back on the tournament with pride when he is making soup.

The Birkbeck entertainment was karaoke and there were some good renditions of some rubbish songs as well as Crossers and myself murdering some Proclaimers song, as requested by the locals apparently.

Back to Clapton after a good night and we also stopped into the Royal Sovereign again and met Rory and Sean's pal Tall Dave.

A nice big breakfast made by Sean on Sunday morning and a pleasant chat with Mr & Mrs McNeil then we headed to the Birkbeck for midday where Raph the Taff met us before we headed for home, and just made the train.

An uneventful, and sober, journey home after another fine weekend in London. Thanks to Sean and his parents for putting up with us again and to Tom and the rest of the O's guys for organising the tournament. It's always good to go to London for a weekend of good company and the odd refreshment, just a pity we have to play football !!

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