The next time Andy Dick plays a game it will be his 100th appearance for the Club, the 32nd player to reach the milestone.

Andy joined the Club in 2009 when the new influx of QP players came in and he was the oldest of the bunch.

Initially a midfield player, Andy decided in 2011 that he would like to play in goals, essentially because you don’t have to run around so much there. He showed some good handling skills between the sticks but you could see he was itching to get back outfield to score goals, and head the ball away to safety at opposition corners.

And he has already scored 27 goals for the Club with ten goals last season being his best return.

For a guy on the, eh, bulky side, Andy can show some silky footwork and some of his close control is superb. One of his mazy runs last season, against the Southside All Stars, saw him twinkle his way past about five or six defenders and create a winning goal for us after we’d been two goals down.

Andy’s favourite games have been our 0-0 draw in Whitby, a fabulous day out, our first meeting with Dulwich Hamlet on Lesser when he scored twice in our 6-2 win (the game was three half hours each way and Andy played the middle one along with his brother Ally who also scored) and our first trip to Montrose last season when we won 7-2 and Andy again got on the scoresheet.

Of course Andy isn't just a footballer. He's an all round sportsman and showed his cricketing skills in London in 2011 when he had a huge opening stand with Thomas Moony Moon but it was to no avail as the home side ran out winners in a keenly contested game.

I suppose Andy’s biggest claim to fame is that he is teetotal, a rarity amongst our current (and past) squad, and he only touched the dreaded alcohol at the (in)famous golf night out when he swept all before him on the golf simulator.

As usual Andy will lead the team but this time it will be a special occasion for our skipper.




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