Tuesday 1st November – 200 up for Hesus

Tonight, if selected, Arthur McCue will make his 200th appearance for the Club, a tremendous achievement.

Arthur made his debut in Oban against Rab MacDonald’s Scottish Sea Farmers on Sunday 5th May 2002 after his fellow postie, Davie Nisbet, brought him along as he was good player and, more importantly, a good guy. Davie’s judge of character was far better than his judge of a footballer !

Since his debut Arthur has been a regular, apart from two spells of injury, and he has proven his worth on and off the park. Always a man for the social aspect of the team, Arthur has twice instigated a sponsorship deal with the Victoria Bar and is now the Club’s Kit Man. His son Ryan has also played a few games for us at elevens as well as at the Ian Younger Sixes.

Speaking to Arthur on Sunday he says the best game he played in was a 10-8 defeat to St.Johnstone in Perth in 2003. Arthur scored in that game and would have had another goal but CG Machine got the credit after ducking into a goal bound inswinging corner.

Also worthy of mention by Arthur was our first trip to Whitby, a win against the Muppets XI from Nottingham and a 3-2 win over Coasters at Barlia. Arthur scored a penalty in the Coasters game, the spot kick being awarded despite no Queen’s player being in the Oban team’s half, Bertie Gemmell inexplicably handling the ball in his own area !

Last year Arthur went on our first overseas trip to Belgium and made a big impression, particularly at breakfast time at the alcoholic drinks machine !

Arthur is now in his eleventh season with the team and hopefully he’ll be with us for many more years.


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