As long as he shakes off a hamstring strain Calum “CC” Colquhoun will makes his 100th appearance on Sunday against Scotspurs.


One of our most versatile players, CC was daft enough to put his hand up when we were looking for a left back at Troon in 2009 and now has made that spot his own, when Wee Al can’t make it.


In fact he is so versatile that people have said that we could do with a whole team of CC’s but if we were lucky enough to have that then we would hardly ever score a goal as he’s only ever scored twice in 99 games, both penalties.


The first penalty, against Ormond Saints in Perth, was a record breaker as it was his 60th game and nobody has ever taken that long to score their first goal. And what a goal it was as he sclafled the ball into the middle of the goal under the keeper’s body.


In fact he shares his record of two goals with such formidable strikers as Colin “Sheppy” Shepherd, Raph “The Taff” O’Keeffe and Ronnie “Trash Can” Smith but to be fair none of that trio could score a penalty like our CC.


This season he was appointed vice-captain, and he has worn the armband a few times as well, and it has been said that he’s the best skipper the Club has had since Wee Jessie Buntin (14 games, 3 own goals, one sending off for chewing an opponent’s leg) managed 300 criss-crosses in a minute in the late 1940’s.


CC has been on our two trips abroad, to Belgium and Germany, and has also sampled the delights of our trips to the CHAOS Cup in London and is a quality tourist (thanks to the man himself for this information).


And, of course, CC has a famous lookalikey and there was anguish when the headline came through, “Phil Neville To Retire At End Of Season” but thankfully it was only Everton’s Phil and not our Gorgeous Phil who is retiring.


So hopefully on Sunday CC will become our 30th Centurion, a well deserved honour for a great Club man.




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