Friday 14th June – Opening Ceremony

The weekend opened with a karaoke night in the Langside Bar with our friends from Leyton Orient, Dulwich Hamlet, Posh and Worthing making it an excellent evening's entertainment.



Our 27th tournament opened at 12.30pm with a minutes silence to Martin Kelly who passed away on 1st June in London.

Martin's family were in attendance and they were extremely proud to see so many people on the pitch remembering their son.

It was raining slightly as the games kicked off with six pitches hosting a group each in the main competiiton and the Masters.

Sixes - Group A

Queen’s Park Hoops 2 Registers 3

Real Madrid 1 Posh Youth 0

Ayr United 2 Queen’s Park Hoops 2

Registers 0 Real Madrid 0

Posh Youth 1 Ayr United 2

Queen’s Park Hoops 0 Real Madrid 2

Registers 3 Posh Youth 0

Ayr United 3 Real Madrid 0

Queen’s Park Hoops 1 Posh Youth 3

Registers 1 Ayr United 1

Our own Hoops team (Andy McNaught, Robert Shimmons, Alan Galindo, Allan Lennox, Scott Macrae, Stuart Waugh, Kieran Friel, Ally McNaught) only managed one point as Ayr and Registers went through to the Quarter Finals with newbies Real Madrid (Glasgow based) finishing a point behind them with Posh in fourth


MacDonald Rovers 1 Leyton Orient 0

QPSA 0 Tranmere Rovers 3

Scotspurs 1 MacDonald Rovers 0

Leyton Orient 1 QPSA 0

Tranmere Rovers 3 Scotspurs 2

MacDonald Rovers 1 QPSA 0

Leyton Orient 0 Tranmere Rovers 8

Scotspurs 3 QPSA 0

MacDonald Rovers 1 Tranmere Rovers 1

Leyton Orient 0 Scotspurs 6

Tranmere and Scotspurs finished in the top two with MacDonald Rovers not far behind. Orient somehow manged to lose 8-0 and 6-0 in games that lasted only ten minutes but didn't finish bottom as they defeated David Ferguson's QPSA team (featuring, amongst others, Shep, Calshy, Eileen Myles and Christopher Havlin).


Rangers 3 WESTA 0

Troon 1 Ormond Saints 0

QP Irn Bru 1 Rangers 1

WESTA 0 Troon 2

Ormond Saints 1 QP Irn Bru 1

Rangers 1 Troon 0

WESTA 2 Ormond Saints 0

QP Irn Bru 0 Troon 1

Rangers 1 Ormond Saints 1

WESTA 0 QP Irn Bru 4

Troon and Rangers were the qualifiers in Group C with our Irn Bru (David Stewart, Calum Colqhoun, Andy Dick, Craig McKenna, Ross Dunbar, Adam Walker, Danny McFarlane, Gary Duncan) third and first timers WESTA fourth. Ormond Saints brought up the rear.


Coasters 1 Shrewsbury 1

Partick Thistle 6 Montrose 0

Scotstoun Park Galaxy 6 Worthing 0

Shrewsbury 4 Montrose 0

Partick Thistle 2 Scotstoun Park Galaxy 1

Worthing 0 Coasters 3

Montrose 0 Scotstoun Park Galaxy 3

Coasters 0 Partick Thistle 1

Shrewsbury 3 Worthing 0

Coasters 0 Scotstoun Park Galaxy 0

Montrose 4 Worthing 0

Shrewsbury 2 Partick Thistle 0

Coasters 2 Montrose 0

Shrewsbury 0 Scotstoun Park Galaxy 1

Partick Thistle 9 Worthing 0

Our first six team group saw a surprise as holders Coasters were eliminated. Partick finished top and Scotstoun joined them in the Quarters after scraping through by goals scored (11 to 9) over Shrewsbury. Our third newbies Montrose struggled until they played Worthing who again failed to score.


Ayr United 1 Scotspurs 0

Registers 2 Tranmere Rovers 1

Troon O Scotstoun Park Galaxy 0

Troon won on penalties

Rangers 1 Partick Thistle 2


Ayr United v Troon

Troon won on penalties

Registers 0 Partick Thistle 1


Troon 0 Partick Thistle 3

A young Partick Thistle triumphed in the Final after a convincing 3-0 win over Troon.


The Plate competition caused a lot of confusion as some teams withdrew but never bothered telling the organiser, Raph, that they weren't going to play.

The excuse of, "I didn't know there was a Plate", doesn't really wash considering the amount of information given to those people in charge of the teams.

Evenutally we reached a Semi Final stage and both the Queen's Park teams won through to the Final after defeating MacDonald Rovers and Ormond Saints.

In the Final Queen's Park Irn Bru won the Plate 2-0 thanks to two goals from Andy Dick.



Partick Thistle 3 Dulwich Hamlet 0

Classic QP 0 St.Mirren 4

MacDonald Rovers 2 Scotspurs 0

Dulwich Hamlet 0 St.Mirren 1

Classic QP 1 MacDonald Rovers 2

Scotspurs 0 Partick Thistle 0

St.Mirren 0 MacDonald Rovers 0

Partick Thistle 2 Classic QP 0

Dulwich Hamlet 0 Scotspurs 2

Partick Thistle 0 MacDonald Rovers 0

St.Mirren 1 Scotspurs 2

Dulwich Hamlet 0 Classic QP 3

Partick Thistle 1 St.Mirren 1

Dulwich Hamlet 0 MacDonald Rovers 2

Classic QP 0 Scotspurs 5

 Our other holders, Partick Thistle, also went out at the group stages as MacDonald Rovers and Scotspurs reached the Semi Finals. St.Mirren eased their way into the Plate whilst Classic QP (Stephen Mosley, Jack Waugh, Stewart Paterson, Stephen Fox, John Crosbie, Dougie Lyden, Martin Harvey, Alan Raeburn, Jim Carberry) managed a solitary win against Dulwich Hamlet which meant QP regained the Edgar Kail Trophy.


Edinburgh City 0 Well Posh 0

Shrewsbury 1 Nottingham Forest 0

Ormond Saints 4 Edinburgh City 3

Well Posh 0 Shrewsbury 0

Nottingham Forest 2 Ormond Saints 1

Edinburgh City 0 Shrewsbury 4

Well Posh 0 Nottingham Forest 1

Ormond Saints 0 Shrewsbury 2

Edinburgh City 0 Nottingham Forest 6

Well Posh 3 Ormond Saints 1

Shrewsbury and Forest topped Group B with Well Posh and Ormond Saints behind them and Edinburgh City in fifth place.


MacDonald Rovers 1 Nottingham Forest 0

Shrewsbury Town 0 Scotspurs 1


Scotspurs 1 MacDonald Rovers 1

Scotspurs won 3-1 on penalties


St.Mirren 2 Well Posh 0

Scotspurs and St.Mirren won the silverware in a Masters competition where unfortunately, in a tournament based on trust, some teams abused the Over 35's rule to a ridiculous level.  


For the first time we had an "older" Youth Tournament (21 and under) and MacDonald Rovers triumphed in a three way competition also involving Posh Youth and QP Youth (David Stewart, Christopher Havlin, Keiran Friel and some of our younger guys).

After the football the presentations took place in the Social Club with our own Player of the Year Awards being first.

Ally McNaught and Calum Colquhoun received commemorative shields for reaching the milestone of 100 appearances.

Scott Macrae - Top Scorer Award

Allan Lennox - Players Player of the Year

Alan Galindo - Player of the Year

The last presentation was to Brian Kelly who collected his son Martin's commemorative shield for reaching 100 appearances.

The applause for the Kelly family was loud and long and a wonderful tribute from all those present.

Robert and Alastair Wilson collected the Rab MacDonald Youth Tournament trophy on behalf of MacDonald Rovers.

St.Mirren received the Gary Brooks Masters Plate.

Scotspurs collected the Gary Brooks Masters and winners medals and MacDonald Rovers received runners up medals

Queen's Park Irn Bru came up for the Ian Younger Sixes Plate, the first time a QP team has won a football trophy at our tournament since 1995

Partick Thistle were presented with the Ian Younger Sixes trophy and winners medals whilst Troon received runners up medals

Finally, Leyton Orient received the Anglo/Scottish Trophy (after defeating our Classic team on penalties in a stand alone game), Shaun Dooley presented Crossers with the Edgar Kail Trophy and Raph O'Keeffe presented QPSFC with a momento to celebrate 25 years of friendship

The Football Quiz took place later in the evening and appropriately QP and Leyton Orient were declared the joint winners after a tie

The Chairty Raffle was drawn and £400 has been raised for Epilepsy Scotland on behalf of Martin Kelly and that includes a £50 donation from Worthing FC.

DJ Helen then took over from 8pm and started the party with the dance floor being as busy as it has been for the last few years.


 A huge thanks to Raph O'Keeffe for once again organising the results and fixtures despite the rain spoiling some of his fixture sheets.

Thanks to all those who refereed throughout the day in particular Sandy Carr and John Drennan who made sure all the later games were completed.

Thanks to our small group of helpers during the day especially Mags and Lesley.

And a big thanks to Crossers for his usual help and support with pitches, hot dog stall and anything else that required doing.

It was a poignant day in the circumstances and thanks to all those who turned up to play and watch during the day and night.

Iain Campbell






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